Episode 12: Kathy Boudin

Kathy Boudin

We have taken up the question and the problem of freedom from various angles of regard, and today we move from an expansive metaphor—freedom as the wide, wide sea—to a material reality—freedom as the concrete act of unlocking the prison gate and walking out, free. We visit with Kathy Boudin, a social justice activist who spent 22 years in a New York State prison, and has, since her release in 2003, helped to organize a remarkable network and a wide range of projects to dismantle the system of mass incarceration.

Free write:

Write a note to someone in prison (the person might be factual and material or imagined, and the prison might be real or metaphoric, the prison of ignorance, for example, the prison of dogma or orthodoxy), and picture yourself moving in and out of windows, offering a vision of the sea, of freedom.

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