Episode 25: Maya Schenwar & Victoria Law

Maya Schenwar & Victoria Law

We dive once more into the wreckage, and swim as hard as we can toward a distant and hazy horizon—a place of hope and possibility. To begin Malik Alim offers another installment in his growing Freedom Chronicle, and lifts up a remarkable Chicago moment when activist organizers built Freedom Square, a brave space brought to life in the spirit of love and abundance. We are then delighted to invite Maya Schenwar and Victoria Law to join us Under the Tree. Abolitionists and freedom fighters, co-authors of a remarkable and essential text, Prison By Any Other Name: The Harmful Consequences of Popular Reforms, Maya and Vickie take us on a complex and jagged journey to the far edges of the carceral state, and offer abolitionist alternatives that are within our reach right now.

Free write:

To be ruled is to be indoctrinated and sermonized, listed, and checked off, inspected and sorted, spied on and regulated, counted and registered, noted and corrected, admonished, prevented, and ordered about. So, what is it to be free?

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