Episode 38: Walter Riley

Walter Riley

The Haitian Revolution (1791-1804)— the largest slave revolt since Spartacus’ unsuccessful insurrection against the Romans in 72 BC—was one of the greatest revolutions in world history, and the only successful slave uprising leading to the establishment of a free state governed by non-whites and formerly captive workers. Led by Toussaint Louverture, formerly enslaved himself, the Haitian Revolution struck fear and rage among the slavers, white supremacists, and imperial masters, even as it heartened and inspired freedom-loving peoples everywhere. The counter revolution continues, and we are honored to be joined in a wide-ranging conversation by Walter Riley, a civil rights attorney in Oakland California, winner of the National Lawyers Guild’s Champion of Justice Award, and a founder of Haiti Emergency Relief.

Free write:

Draw a free-hand sketch of the Caribbean Sea and the Greater Caribbean Archipelago including at least Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Antigua, Grand Cayman, Trinidad and Tobago, Nassau, and St. Martin.

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