Episode 56: Robert Shetterly

Portraits of Freedom

What history do you stand on? What future do you stand for? Robert Shetterly’s dazzling series of portraits—“Americans Who Tell the Truth”—cuts through the cotton wool that entangles us, shakes us awake from the deep American sleep of denial, and invites us to move beyond the United States of Amnesia. Here are the peace-makers and the freedom fighters, the dissidents and dissenters, the loving rebels and the justice-seeking radicals—a gathering of citizens from a country that does not yet exist. These are our people, this is a powerful legacy we can all hope to build on. Robert Shetterly joins us to discuss the brilliant work and steady activism of Americans Who Tell the Truth.

Featured Poem:

Questionnaire, Wendell Berry

Free write:

Write your own questionnaire with at least five questions you’d willingly share with family, friends, or associates to encourage them to consider the deep dimensions and glaring contradictions of our modern predicament.

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