Episode 59: Anastasia Higginbotham

Teach the Children Well: Ordinary Terrible Things

Anastasia Higginbotham

We want our children to face the world fearlessly, but we also want them to be careful. We want them to embrace all the joy and ecstasy life has to offer them, and also to be aware of the unnecessary suffering human beings endure. We want our children to know the truth, and we want to protect them from the horrors. We talk about all of this and more with Anastasia
Higginbotham, author, artist, and activist who created the Ordinary Terrible Things children’s book series. Higginbotham collages her books by hand, and she helps us make meaning out of whatever broken, ragged, unraveling life circumstances we face.

Anastasia in her home studio – note the Playskool toys and Lynda Barry drawing which are referenced in the episode.

Featured Poem:

Girl, Jamaica Kincaid

Free write:

Make a list or a paragraph of “Family Lessons”—the idiosyncratic or funny or fascinating or bizarre or dazzling things you learned by simply breathing in the air and living the “common sense” of your family’s culture, assumptions, beliefs, and practices.

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