Episode 62: “Freedom Has Always Been the Horizon” with the Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project

Authentic learning requires free thought—curiosity, inquiry, imagination, initiative, problem-posing, question-asking. Learning is undermined when students are inspected, spied upon, regulated, appraised, censured, measured, registered, counted, admonished, checked off, prevented, and sermonized. In this episode we visit a unique college commencement ceremony—filled with joy and pain—and explore with the Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project and University Without Walls what it means to stay all the way human inside an institution built on dehumanization, and to face fully the contradiction of teaching for freedom in spaces that demand passivity and obedience.

PNAP/UWW Graduate Reginald BoClair performs “Reimagine This Space” at 2022 PNAP/UWW Graduation Ceremony.
Portraits of University Without Walls graduates painted by Helen Sanchez-Cortes & Ruth Poor (L to R: Reginald BoClair, Daniel Perkins, Michael Bell, Darnell Lane, and Juan Luna)
Happy graduation!

View photos from the PNAP Flickr Photo Album of the 2022 PNAP-UWW Graduation Ceremony and the 2022 Building Abolition. Feminism. Now.: A CHicago PNAP Function

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