Episode 63: Dare to Struggle! Dare to Win! with Helen Shiller

This is our last Episode for 2022—we look forward to being back in mid-January.

For this Special Episode, we’re joined in conversation with the legendary activist and organizer Helen Shiller at the 57th Street Bookstore in Hyde Park, Chicago. In her new autobiography, Daring to Struggle, Daring to Win, Shiller captures a sense of what it means to engage in decades of justice work from anti-war and international solidarity to anti-racist organizing in Uptown, from the fight for affordable housing and against police violence to a 24-year career as an elected city councilor. With Justice and Freedom on our minds, Helen Shiller exemplifies the potential of an insider/outsider approach to social change.

We wish you and your Beloveds a year of joy, justice, peace and love. 

Video of the conversation between Bill and Helen at 57th St. Books.

Our thanks to our hosts for this event: 57th Street Books.

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