Episode 66: Waiting for Democracy with Stephanie Skora

Stephanie Skora

Stephanie Skora is the force behind the Girl, I Guess Progressive Voter Guide. She’s a self-proclaimed ‘Jewish, queer, trans, nerd’ dedicated to helping members of the community navigate confusing ballot races and identify the most progressive candidates. A grouchy Jewish trans dyke, and an anarchist with a political science degree – Stephanie is as wise and witty a radical organizer as you’ll ever meet. But in her humility she urges us all to consult with other progressive/radical organizers in our communities, especially queer, trans, Black, and Brown folks because the guide is currently an individual effort, and, as she reminds us, “I might be a Virgo smartypants know-it-all with a lot of opinions, but I’m far from infallible!”

From Stephanie’s bio: Stephanie Skora is a writer, educator, speaker, organizer, and non-profiteer based in Chicago, Illinois. She lives as a femme lesbian, trans woman, and working-class anti-Zionist Ashkenazi Jew, and mobilizes her identities to work in solidarity with Palestinians, to queer Jewish spaces, and to fight for justice and liberation for all trans people. Stephanie is currently the COO of Brave Space Alliance, serves as Board President for the Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, and is the author of the “Girl, I Guess” Progressive Voter Guide. When not working or organizing, Stephanie can be found enjoying the pleasures of life for a Virgo: food, love, and being right.

Featured Poem:

Praise Song for the Day, Elizabeth Alexander

I am Waiting, Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Free write:

If voting could bring about fundamental social change and usher in a new world of joy and justice, it would be against the law. Voting doesn’t mean shit. Agree or disagree?

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