Episode # 71: With My Mind Stayed on Freedom with Dan Berger, Zoharah Simmons, and Michael Simmons

The struggle for Black Freedom was intensifying in 1966, and when the term “Black Power!” leapt from the March Against Fear in Mississippi into the mainstream, the Freedom Movement was newly energized. White supremacist hearts were all aflutter, and Mister Backlash went into overdrive with the usual bullshit: Black Power is hate! Is racist! Is destructive! Is too extreme! We’re joined in conversation today with Zoharah Simmons, Michael Simmons, and Dan Berger to consider the long history of Black Power and the struggle for self-determination and pride through the story of one family.

Featured Poem:

“Woke up this morning with my mind stayed on freedom”, performed by Sweet Honey in the Rock

Free write:

How will you work today (and this week) to keep your mind stayed on freedom

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