Episode # 73: Fighting Times with Jon Melrod

Unchecked, the US juggernaut is headed for catastrophe, either a new and friendly-looking American fascism, or some other form of extreme social disintegration. Another world is surely coming—greater equality, participatory democracy, socialism, and peace are all within our reach, but nuclear war, complete capitalist climate collapse, work camps and slavery are also looming possibilities. There are choices and options before us—where do we go from here, chaos or community? I’m joined by Jon Melrod at Pilsen Community Books in conversation about his life as a student and labor organizer, and his memoir Fighting Times.

Featured Poem:

The Internationale, words by Eugène Pottier performed by Billy Bragg

Free write:

List a few things (principles perhaps, or issues) that we need to stand up for if we hope to join hands with the other midwives of a better world.

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